Business Consultation

When small, medium, family-owned, and large businesses make decisions, the results can be success or failure. When a business is well-informed on the legal decisions that they make, they increase their chances of success significantly.


Without proper consultation, businesses don’t get the information they need before making critical choices. Business consulting integrates legal considerations with general business needs, such as marketing consultation that focuses on the strength of a business name as a brand. Nonetheless, businesses need to learn how to keep legal issues at bay when it comes to contracts, federal and state licensing, business organization, finance, administrative issues, intellectual property, licensing and technology. There are many laws that govern these areas and they can be very complex. It takes more than a basic knowledge of the law to navigate the labyrinth of statutes that can help make sound business decisions.



Business Law


Before taking the reins in your own hands, be sure you have someone working for you with the proper knowledge of the law and how it affects your business. Businesses often attempt to avoid lawyers because they want to avoid legal fees. Rather than spending the money on a full time in-house attorney or accruing a large amount of unpredictable fees, Ovaile Law Group offers outsourced legal counseling that provides an in-house attorney on a part-time basis with discounted fees. Every business is affected differently by the legal system based upon the products and services they offer. Consulting with an attorney can save a great deal of your hard earned money through cost-effective consultation services.


Without understanding the law, you may miss important steps that can affect the longevity or viability of your business and its products and services. For instance, if you are just starting, you are going to have to establish a business structure. There are certain regulations that must be followed and paperwork to be filled out in order to acquire the structure you wish to do business under, such as a corporation or a limited liability company (“LLC”).



Legal Questions


There are many times in which a business has legal questions that must be answered by an attorney. A business owner may not know if an action that they wish to engage in will cause legal consequences. A rule of thumb within businesses is to have an attorney on-hand and consult with that attorney any time there is a question about a contract, an agreement, an action, or anything that could have potential legal consequences.



Contracts and Agreements


Contracts are more than the forms you can download off the internet. Each area of law requires different provisions within a contract agreement. If the language within a contract is not right, then it can be used against you. A poorly drafted agreement can be more damaging than no contract at all. Contracts do contain a certain number of standardized provisions, but each agreement and the objective it is meant to achieve will require the addition of provisions that are unique to your arrangement. A simple misuse of a word like “will” instead of “hereby” can void parts of a contract. Ovaile Law Group can draft these agreements for you or even simply tailor the base you have already created.



Sound Advice For Your Legal Needs


Having an attorney working with you to help you whenever you have a question, wish to draw up a contract or when you need a legal task performed could make or break your business. It is more cost-effective to turn to your attorney than have to deal with costly lawsuits or other complications that can result without one. To see what Ovaile Law Group can do for you, call 612-326- 9733.


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