Ovaile Law Group, formerly known as Olson IP + Business Consulting, has changed its image to demonstrate that branding is a keystone to any business. While still operating through Olson IP + Business Consulting, Ovaile Law Group is the innovation behind this law firm. Not only do we embrace the advice we give to businesses about the importance of brand, we provide comprehensive and practical solutions based upon your business. This comes from over twenty years of business experience, education and legal consulting.

Ovaile Law Group is dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights and business needs of large companies, as well as individuals and boutique businesses. Ovaile Law Group helps identify the valuable assets within businesses, along with helping to secure those assets and protect them from competitors. We support those wishing to establish or secure their copyrights, trademarks, and service marks. Ovaile Law Group also offers assistance with trade secrets and non-disclosure issues; compliance advice, including collections law compliance to a variety of large agencies and creditors; business law consultation, ranging from business structure to contract drafting and reviewing; intellectual property audit assessments; and a unique outsourced in-house counsel service that is available to handle your legal needs on a day to day basis without the full time attorney fees.

Ovaile Law Group has also built a practice that is correspondingly focused on collection compliance. This unique combination of IP and collections is derived from the founding partner’s early experience. The firm’s focus continues to provide an equally balanced portfolio between the two primary practices that is bridged within the framework of general business consultation. While seemingly an odd pairing, the firm has found a synergetic rapport between these distinct industries.



Words, designs, or anything that represents a brand identity or a brand name related to products or services needs to be properly protected. The brand identity usually starts with the primary product’s name or the company name of a service-based company.


Even if you do not register your copyright, you own the copyright as soon as you express it in a format that is original and fixed. For instance, you can create a software program for your business. This program is copyrighted without any formal action on your part, but only certain parts may be protected.


Do you know where the value of your company resides? Trade secrets include the information that must be kept secret in order to maintain your competitive advantage. It also must be treated as confidential and can include compilations, formulas, marketing ideas, devices, financial information, technical know-how, customer information, and supplier information.


Ovaile Law Group has had a unique opportunity to build a business compliance program within the collections industry. We became involved in the collections industry and developed a practice that included work with ACA International as a certified instructor, CNR Attorney, MAP Attorney and counsel. In addition, Ovaile Law Group is a member of ACA International.


When small, medium, family-owned, and large businesses make decisions, the results can be success or failure. When a business is well-informed on the legal decisions that they make, they increase their chances of success significantly.


Because your investment in your intellectual property is so significant, you need to know what is available to you to protect it. Through an IP audit assessment, the holes within your current protection can be identified so that you can see where you are vulnerable. Once the vulnerability is identified, a solution can be put in place.


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