Trademark Rejected?

Many businesses attempt to file their own trademark and who can blame them when the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) makes it look so easy to do. What you don’t know is that well over half of the trademark applications are initially rejected because of administrative errors.


Did you receive an Office Action? Does the form on this page look familiar?


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If you received this type of form from the USPTO, then you might need some help resolving the errors or arguing your right to your proposed mark. If you don’t respond within a certain period of time, your application will go abandoned, your filing fee(s) wasted and you will not receive any federal protection of your trademark and/or service mark.


Give us a call and see if we can help you keep your application alive.


Trademark Application


Although the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) makes the application filing system look easy, well over half of all trademark applications are rejected due to administrative errors. We review the pixel counts of the drawings, make sure the descriptions are appropriate, inform you of any issues that may automatically bar your mark from moving through the application process before you spend the money on filing fees and more.


Let us guide you through the process.


In most cases, the attorney fees associated with a basic filing are less than the filing fees charged by the USPTO. However, failure to get legal assistance could likely result in a faulty application that most people don’t know how to respond to. We can help, contact us at 612-326-9733 to get information on how to handle your trademark.


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